Soliflo Bin Discharger

The Soliflo overcomes discharge problems with our patented, vibrating, cone valve. The Soliflo offers many advantages over these typical dischargers. Consisting of a main body, internal cone, internal rubber bellow, and pneumatic vibrator, the Soliflo bolts directly below the silo or hopper. This eliminates the need for hanger arms and rubber sleeves as used on bin activators. For material discharge, the internal cone is lifted up by the rubber actuator, creating an annular gap for material flow. Vibration is transmitted by the pneumatic vibrator inside the cone. Material flow rates are controlled by how high the cone lifts, and when the cone is lowered to its seated position provides positive shut off. Material flow rate can also be controlled by pulsing the cone up and down. This can be controlled by cycle timers or by level probes downstream. The vibration tends to remove any air in the product and provides a constant bulk density which is important for any metering equipment below the Soliflo. Discharge is complete, continuous, variable, quiet, and non-detrimental to the storage container. Most of these features are not possible with the other discharge aids on the market. The Soliflo design is also such that with the cone in its lowered position, routine maintenance can take place even when the hopper is full of material. Sizes available: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 foot; round or square.

Soliflo Advantages

Patented Cone Valve  Guarantees complete, dust tight discharge. Since the unit is bolted rigidly to the equipment above and below, dust cannot escape. The cone also provides positive shutoff of material flow.

Simple Design Guarantees years of trouble free service and simple repairs.

Ease of Assembly/Access  Lower maintenance costs.

Versatility The Soliflo is available in both round and square configurations.

Quick Discharge  The Soliflo is typically three times faster than a bin activator.

Fully Pneumatic  Quiet, cheap, fail safe operation. Intrinsically safe.

Controlled Discharge The discharge rate may be controlled by cone lift and/or cone pulsing. Positive shut off when needed.

Reliability No flexible sleeves to fail or replace.