Solibin Portable Bin System

The Solibin IBC is also square, but features a 60 degree cone instead of a 45 degree cone. A large 25 outlet at the bottom replaces the typical 8 or 10 outlet on standard IBCs. Instead of a manual gate valve, the Solibin IBC has a cone valve. The cone valve is an inverted cone with lipseal that is inside of the IBC and sits in the outlet cone. When material discharge is required, the cone lifts up into the material creating an annulus for material to flow. Vibration may be added to further induce product flow. For more difficult materials, the cone can be pulsed up and down to keep the material agitated and flowing. All of these actions are accomplished through the discharge station.

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Solibin Portable Bin System

  • The Solibin IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) is a portable bin system for temporary storage and transport of bulk materials. The Solibin System has lifting cone valve technology that works extremely well on discharging materials that are very poor flowing and prone to bridging, ratholing, degradation and segregation.
  • The IBC container features a 60 degree outlet cone, large 25 inch diameter discharge opening and a cone valve at the outlet. The cone valve is an inverted cone with seal that sits in the bottom of IBC and points up into the material. When material discharge is required, the IBC is set on a discharge station.
  • The Discharge Station has a pneumatic actuator that lifts the cone valve up and down. As the cone valve rises up, an annulus opens for material to flow out of the IBC. A vibrator in the nose of the actuator helps product flow. The cone valve also pulses up and down which keeps the material agitated and flowing from the bin. For more difficult materials, additional external vibrators are used.
  • Material flow can be stopped at any time and the IBC removed from the discharge station.
  • Standard IBC Sizes: 18, 25, 35, 50 and 70 cubic feet
  • Materials of Construction: Polyethylene, Mild Steel and Stainless Stee

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy Storage and Transport of Bulk Material
  •  Lifting Cone Valve Technology discharges even the most difficult materials
  • Allows material transfer without segregation or degradation
  •  Fast discharge of material
  • Bins moved by forklift truck and/or overhead crane
  • Bins are stackable
  • Containers fit side by side in trailers and sea containers
  • Reusable bins create less waste


  • Weighing
  • Batch Controls
  • Wash Stations
  • Tumblers for blending material inside the IBCS
  • Secondary feeders and gates for accurate discharge
  • DOT approved containers
  • Special Finishes and Polishes
Lifting Cone Valve Technology Mild Steel or Stainless Steel
Portable Design Discharges poor flowing materials
Food Plastics & Petrochemical Animal Feed
Automotive Mining & Minerals Chemical