Bin Activator

Common Discharge Problems in Dry Material Storage:  Rat-Holing, Bridging, Degradation, and Segregation.

The bin activator overcomes this by transmitting vibration to the material and creating mass flow. Consisting of a spun metal dish and internal baffle cone, the bin activator is hung below the silo or hopper by a support ring and hanger arms. Vibration is created by one or more vibrator motors, and is likewise isolated from surrounding equipment by hanger arm isolation mounts and rubber sleeves at the inlet and outlet. Discharge rates are controlled by the annular gap between the internal baffle cone and side walls of the spun metal dish.

Advantages of the Bin Activator

  • Mass Flow Material discharges in a first in / first out basis. The Bin Activator eliminates degradation, segregation, flushing, and bridging, and insures complete discharge.
  • Not only does the Bin Activator eliminate degradation and segregation, but the vibration tends to deaerate the product and produce an even bulk density. This can be very important when you are trying to meter the product downstream. Other discharge aids, such as air cannons, actually have the opposite effect and aerate the product to the point where flushing can occur.
  • Controlled Discharge Rate  By increasing or decreasing the diameter of the internal cone, we can control the internal annular gap and hence control the product flow rate. For low throughputs, the bin activator has to be cycled off and on.