Gravity Diverter Valves

The Gravity Diverter is also used to reroute product from one  line to another, but is used only in gravity flow applications.  The body is fabricated from mild steel or stainless steel.  An internal flap plate is also mild steel or stainless steel, with a polyurethane rubber wiper seal.  For more abrasive applications, a bucket type diverter is used where an internal chute is moved back and forth to divert product flow.  Operation is either by pneumatic air cylinder, electric linear actuator, manual lever arm or rotary type actuators. Since these units are fabricated, practically any size or divert angle can be manufactured.  Units are available as 2-way (one inlet and two outlets) or 3-way (one inlet and three outlets).  Typical divert angles are 30×30 and 0x30, but again – special angles can be made.  Flanges are round, square or even rectangular.