Bulk Bag Station: A Step by Step Process

Bulk bags (also known as super sacks, big bags and FIBCs) carry loose bulk materials and products for commercial purposes. They typically carry loads between 1,000 and 3,000 pounds of goods such as coffee, flour, salt, plastics and powdered chemicals. While they bring companies great convenience, they can also pose operator risks due to how heavy the bags

To use bulk bags effectively and safely, you need specialized Bulk Bag Filling, Handling, and Discharge systems.

Bulk bag filling station

A filling station helps support the bulk bag when it is being filled so that it can be shipped and transported around. The main components of a filling station are the support framework, filling head, and vibration motor. To minimize costs, you want to avoid spills. This means using the
best filling station that suits your needs.

Carolina Conveying provides companies with high-quality bulk bag filling stations to
accommodate different bulk bag loading needs. A standard bulk bag filling station has a straightforward support framework with adjustable height so that it can fit bags of various sizes.

The filling head offers dust protection. It consists of an inner and outer feed tube, featuring a dust extraction spigot. With an added Inflatable Seal material transfer to the bag inlet spout is dust tight. The vent on the filling head allows displaced air inside the bulk bag to escape to either a dust sock or a dust collection system.
De-aerating the product helps maximize bag volume for improved efficiency. Also if loading is uneven, it can cause loss of product. An optional vibrator motor installed in the base of the bulk
bag filling station ensures stable loading and maximum capacity.

For simple operations, a standard bulk bag can be more than enough. However, more complex tasks may require more advanced and specialized equipment. A Weighing and Batch Control feature can help boost your efficiency and precision. A portable design can simplify the transportation of bulk bag filling stations, and custom designs can personalize the station depending on your needs.

Companies in the Food, Plastics & Petrochemical, Animal Feed, Energy, Mining & Minerals, Chemical, and Agricultural Industries can leverage bulk bag filling stations to improve their operations and for delivery of raw goods to their customers.

Bulk bag discharge systems

Once the bulk bag has been filled with the goods, bulk bag materials and handling solutions can help you manipulate the bags as you need.

A bulk bag discharge (aka unloading) station is needed to ensure a safe means of removing to product from the bulk bags in a controlled manner and while controlling dusting. Operator safety is essential when it comes to discharging bulk bags.

Compliance with OSHA regulations is critical, and proper installation of bulk bag discharge systems can help. The operator must never be under a suspended load due to potential crushing hazards. Bulk bags must safely be supported from below to assure operator safety, and this is exactly what the Carolina Conveying station offers with a full platform dish that the bag rests on at all times.

Carolina Conveying offers heavy-duty bulk bag discharge stations with modular construction that are easy to assemble and allow for a variety of optional add-on equipment. The discharge stations come with a full platform bag support dish and an access module that prevents spills. In addition, bar agitation and vibration functionalities facilitate proper discharge from bulk bags with sluggish material.

The bulk bag is loaded into the discharge station via fork lift truck or integral hoist and trolley. The electric hoist and trolley models allow the operator to load and unload bags via pendent
control. Pneumatic hoists are also an option.

Numerous other options are available such as integral dust collection, knifes for cutting open
single trip bags, discharge gates, feeders and screw conveyors for elevating the material.

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