Diverter Valve Value in Bakery Manufacturing Operations

What Value Can a Diverter Valve Add When It Comes to Large-Scale Bakery Operations?

Growing bakeries need to find sustainable ways to scale their production along with their business. If your bakery is ready to make this change, you’re probably weighing the benefits of investing in an automated process.

The answer? Automation can save you time and help you scale with your level of demand. Small-scale bakeries can afford to make their goods by hand, but large-scale or growing bakery operations need the power of automation to keep up with demand.

Here’s a breakdown of how diverter valves can transform your growing bakery business:

Automation in the Food Industry

Diverter Valves in a automated, large scale bakery operation

Wheat flour, Food Manufacturing Production in a large scale bakery operation on conveyor belt, Concept with automated food production.

Food processing systems allow your large-scale bakery production to create high-quality goods every time. With precise measurement and control, you can quickly and accurately get flour, sugar, and all of your ingredients to their destination.

Measuring out ingredients by hand is time-consuming and often inaccurate. With automation, you can program precise controls into your bakery’s good production, and guarantee reliable results. This also allows large bakery operations to focus their hiring efforts on the aspects of baking and business that need the personal attention of a dedicated employee.

If your operation isn’t ready to switch to fully automated bakery processes, then hybrid conveying systems are also available. Carolina Conveying creates diverter valves with both automated and manual controls, allowing you to have a closer level of oversight on bakery processes with manual controls, or allowing you to take a more hands-off approach with full system automation.

The Internet of Things (IoT) technology allows businesses to implement smart manufacturing to maximize efficiency via automation. Automation allows you to track your system data – for instance, how much product passes through a diverter valve per hour – in order to make production decisions that maximize your system output.

Diverter Valves: Function and Benefits in Food Manufacturing

With Carolina Conveying diverter valves, you can guide your food products to their needed destination in controlled amounts.

Different diverter valves meet different needs depending on the food item and distribution requirements:

  • Slide diverters allow you to precisely stop and start the flow of material, with zero risk of leaking, and they work best with dry bulk material.
  • Plug diverters work well for materials that have large particles that might interfere with the operation of other diverter types. With a plug diverter, particles won’t get stuck in the valve, and they’ll cleanly be rerouted along the plug diverter’s chosen path.
  • Butterfly diverters can stop the flow of liquids and liquid-solid mixes entirely, or produce controlled, limited flow by changing the angle of the internal disk. For example, if you have a recipe that needs a liquid added slowly and steadily to a mixture, you could set the butterfly diverter valve to allow a 50% rate of flow, and work the material into the batch slowly.

Carolina Conveying is proud to create diverter valves specifically designed to be safe to handle food. These food-safe elements include food-grade rubber, high-temperature-resistant parts, abrasion-resistant parts, and secure seals.

Our diverter valves are available in a range of sizes, from 2 inches up to 10 inches, allowing you to select the diverter valve that matches the exact size and need of your operation.

See How Carolina Conveying Can Enhance Your Large Scale Bakery Process

With high-quality diverter valves that can handle everything from dry solids to powders to slurries, Carolina Conveying is here to support your large-scale bakery needs. Our commitment to engineering innovation allows us to forge new paths in food industry material handling, and we look forward to meeting your business’s needs.

To get more information about what Carolina Conveying can do for your bakery operation, contact us today!