Blow Through Rotary Airlock Valves


If you’re looking to feed dry materials that are powdery or granular through a pneumatic conveying system, blow-through rotary airlock valves are a good option. This valve is commonly used in both positive pressure and vacuum systems alike. The way the blow through airlock works is simple. Instead of an outlet throat, it has ports…

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How To Prevent Rotary Airlock Jamming

Round Rotary Airlock Valve

Rotary Airlock valves are a critical component of your material process, and it is often perceived that a valve is just a valve, and can be utilized on any number of different material handling systems. All types of valves include the same basic components : a body with an inlet and an outlet, two end…

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Rotary Valve Principals and Rotor Design

  Rotary Valve Principals and Rotor Design   Introduction Rotary Valves are a critical component in many material handling systems.  From dust collectors to pneumatic conveying systems, rotary airlocks not only control the feed rate but also minimize air leakage between equipment above and below the valve with differing levels of pressure or vacuum.  In…

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