Your Guide To Gate Valves

Pneumatic Knife Gate Valves

Gate valves come in various shapes and sizes, and it isn’t always clear which one you’ll need to buy. To determine the type of gate valve you need for your business’ special requirements, you need to understand what a gate valve is, how they work and which types work best for which purposes. Here, we’ve…

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Types Of Diverter Valves Guide

conveying diverter valve

Diverter valves are used to switch the direction of product flow from one conveying line to another line, allowing for seamless transportation of materials. These valves are capable of transporting powders and granular materials, including chemicals, plastics, food ingredients, and powders of all types, without damaging them. Most diverter valves can handle numerous different types…

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The Bulk Bag Station Guide

Bulk Bag Emptying

Bulk bags, also known as big bags or Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) are large, woven polypropylene bags designed to carry loose bulk goods for commercial purposes. Some examples of loose bulk goods include coffee, gypsum, flour, and even powdered chemicals. Transportation of bulk bags can be accomplished with a variety of tools, including integrated…

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How To Prevent Rotary Airlock Jamming

Round Rotary Airlock Valve

Rotary Airlock valves are a critical component of your material process, and it is often perceived that a valve is just a valve, and can be utilized on any number of different material handling systems. All types of valves include the same basic components : a body with an inlet and an outlet, two end…

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Advantages of the Solibin IBC System for Dry Material Storage and Transport

Advantages of the Solibin IBC System for Dry Material Storage and Transport Solibin IBC System Advantages Stores and discharges the most difficult flowing dry materials Eliminates rat holing, segregation and degradation Ease of Handling Transport Ready Stackable Reusable Washable Environmentally Friendly Product flow control Batching and weighing capability Quick material change over for process flexibility…

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Side Entry Rotary Airlocks Eliminate Shearing and Jamming

Side Entry Rotary Airlocks Eliminate Shearing and Jamming   The Side Entry Rotary Airlock Valve is used in applications where product shearing and jamming is a concern. The valves are heavy duty construction with Cast Iron or Stainless Steel Housing, Outboard Regreasable Bearings, Rotors with large diameter shafts and robust drive packages.   Rotary airlock…

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Rotary Valve Principals and Rotor Design

  Rotary Valve Principals and Rotor Design   Introduction Rotary Valves are a critical component in many material handling systems.  From dust collectors to pneumatic conveying systems, rotary airlocks not only control the feed rate but also minimize air leakage between equipment above and below the valve with differing levels of pressure or vacuum.  In…

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