Bulk Bag Filling Stations

Carolina Conveying”s Bulk Bag Filling Stations are used to easily support and fill bulk bags, super sacks and FIBCs with dry product. Different styles are available from the very simple fill heads with support framework to more complex units with bag inflators, vibration to de-aerate the product and load cells for batch gain-in-weight filling. The standard Bulk Bag Filling Station consists of an outer framework, bag support arms, filling head, support platform and vibrator motor. The bag lifting loops are hung off the bag support arms to help the bag keep its shape during filling. The support arms are adjustable both horizontally and vertically for varying size bags. Vibration makes sure that the product is de-aerated and to maximize volume.  This prevents the bag from collapsing or flattening during storage or shipment. Filling Head The filling head consists of an inner and outer feed tube with bag inflator, dust extraction spigot and inflatable seal. The bulk bag inlet spout is inserted over the feed tube outlet, and the seal is inflated to create a dust tight connection between the two.  Displaced, dust laden air is extracted through the outer tube, which vents through a dust sock or to your central dust collection system. Drum & Carton Filling Attachments Attachments are also available so that the Bulk Bag Filling Station may also be used to fill 55 gallon drums, boxes, cartons, gaylords or any other type of container.  The cover sits on top of the container to be filled, and is connected to the fill head via flexible sleeve.  The inflatable seal expands the flexible sleeve against the retaining ring, creating a dust tight seal.  Displace air is still vented out through the fill head.  The vibrator on the platform also insures that the container is filled to maximum capacity and that the product is de-aerated.