Bag Dump Stations

Bag Dump Stations are used to empty small sacks of material in a safe and dust free manner. The standard unit consists of a hopper, hinged lid, outlet cone, bag support shelf, grate and dust extraction spigot. Bags are lifted up and set on the grate where they are then cut open. The grate helps to keep trash from falling into the product stream below. Dust collection is such that a downward airflow is pulled below the grate, pulling the dust away from the operator. Construction is either mild or stainless steel.

Bag Dump Stations are also available with integral dust collection.  These units have a blower on top that pulls air through two air filters inside the station, collecting air borne dust.  Reverse air jets clean the filters, and are controlled by a variable cycle timer.  Dust that drops off falls into the product below, so that no material is lost.

Available Options: Product Declumper and Bag Compactor. Numerous valves are available for the outlet: rotary airlocks, screw feeders, screw conveyors, diverter valves, knife gates, flexible screw conveyors, etc.