Flexible Screw Conveyors

Flexible screw conveyors are used to economically transport product over various distances, angles and rates. The conveyors are flexible, allowing a multitude of configurations to suit application requirements. Carolina Conveying presently manufactures three sizes:  2, 3 and  4.5 inches with rates of up to 450 cfh depending on the application.
The standard unit consists of an inlet, discharge outlet, flexible spiral, casing, gearbox and motor. Two different styles of spirals are available: round and flat. The round is the most commonly used for its maximum strength and flexibility. The flat spiral is used for applications requiring higher throughputs. The inlet and outlet heads are fabricated from mild steel or stainless steel. A quick disconnect at the inlet allows the flexible screw conveyor to be quickly cleaned out by reversing the screw. The discharge head includes an inspection door and discharge spigot. The conveyor casing is manufactured from UHMW Polyethylene. The casing connects to the inlet and outlet housings via pipe couplings, allowing for easy assembly and disassembly.

To introduce material into the flexible screw conveyor, Carolina Conveying offers hoppers, bag dump stations, IBCs and bulk bag discharge stations.

Testing is available at the Canton, NC facility to confirm selection and rates.