Drop Thru Rotary Airlock Valves

Carolina Conveying rotary airlocks is our most popular unit created with a heavy-duty design for all specification requirements.

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Tired Of Rotary Airlock Valves Not Working For You?

  • Jamming Due To Incorrect Size Specifications

  • Excessive Air Leakage

  • Noisey Operation

  • Insufficient Material Throughput

Here’s What You Need To Finally Operate Smoothly

Unlimited Rotary Options

Open/closed-end, fixed blades, adjustable blades, beveled edges, scalloped pockets, Teflon coated, abrasion resistant tips, and many more

Three Valve Types

1. Drop Thru
2. Blow Thru
3. Side Entry

Assembled Convenience

Compact assembled units deliver ready to be installed.

How To Get Started

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2. Purchase With Confidence

We will manufacture, test, inspect, and deliver a product you can trust.

3. Enjoy Efficient Operations

Be confident knowing that with the right equipment, your company can thrive.

Why Carolina Conveying?

Carolina Conveying specializes in providing quality, competitive and innovative equipment for the dry bulk material handling industries.

All of our equipment is manufactured to the highest standards and carefully inspected prior to shipment to ensure all specifications and customer requirements are met. Great care is taken in selecting the right equipment for each application, ensuring proper operation and customer satisfaction.


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