Bulk Bag Filling Stations

Carolina Conveying’s Bulk Bag Filling Stations easily support and fill bulk bags, super sacks and FIBCs with dry products.

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Bulk Bag Filling Stations

Tired of Unreliable Bulk Bag Filling Stations?

  • Material Spills

  • Insufficient Bag Sealing

  • Deficient Dust Collection

  • Unsafe Filling Conditions

Here’s What You Need To Finally Operate Smoothly

Adjustable Heights

Specially designed for varying size bags

Fill Head with Inflatable Seal

Helps controls dust and routes away displaced air from the bulk bag

Weighing/Vibration Options

Vibration makes sure that the product de-aerates and maximizes bag volume

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3. Enjoy Efficient Operations

Be confident knowing that with the right equipment, your company can thrive.

Why Carolina Conveying?

Carolina Conveying specializes in providing quality, competitive and innovative equipment for the dry bulk material handling industries.

All of our equipment is manufactured to the highest standards, and carefully inspected prior to shipment to ensure all specifications and customer requirements are met. Great care is taken in selecting the right equipment for each application, ensuring proper operation and customer satisfaction.


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