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Looking For A Better Bulk Material
Handling Equipment Provider?

Your material handling experience should be easy, and your equipment should perform
properly and efficiently. If it’s not, you need a provider that helps you handle this part of
your job. For over 20 years, Carolina Conveying has been helping companies meet their
material challenges with absolute confidence. You deserve equipment that best suits
your needs, and we’ll make sure you get it.

The Material Handling Equipment We Manufacture:


Rotary Airlocks & Valves

Carolina Conveying manufactures
rotary airlocks and rotary valves
for all types of industries. We
offer five types: the Heavy Duty
Drop Thru Rotary Airlock Valve, ...


Diverter Valves & Gates

Carolina Conveying offers a
wide variety of diverter valves
to choose from, including Scale/
Weigh Diverter valves, Gravity
Diverter valves, Plug Diverter...


Bulk Bag Handling

Carolina Conveying provides
Bulk Bag Handling options,
including Bulk Bag filling and
discharge stations. We also
offer Bag Dump Stations ...


Flexible Screw Conveyors

Carolina Conveying offers both
volumetric and gravimetric style
Screw Feeders.

Flexible Screw Conveyors...

Here's How To Get The Best Equipment At The Best Price:


Get a

Give us your application
requirements and we will specify
the best solutions and products.


Purchase with

We will manufacture, test,
inspect, and deliver a product
you can trust.


Enjoy efficient

Be confident knowing that
with the right equipment,
your company can thrive.

"Very competitive price-wise. Quality is very good, and delivery is even better."

- Mike Bergstrom, Mill-Mac, Inc.

Why Carolina Conveying?

It can be challenging to find a material handling provider that always delivers for you. With over
20 years in the industry, Carolina Conveying has helped hundreds of organizations solve their
material handling challenges.

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